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Master Key Lock System

If you are looking for an easy method to increase security and still have some control of which people will have access to which areas in your building, a customized master key lock system in Newmarket ON is the solution. With these systems, all people that must have easy access to all entry points and areas in a building use only one key. This is the master key. And all tenants use their own keys, which are called change keys. If you want to build a tailored system to your building, call Newmarket Locksmiths.

Build a suitable master key system with our help

In order to have the right and properly installed office master key system in Newmarket, OntarioMaster Key Lock System Newmarket, you need the assistance of an experienced locksmith. The design of these systems is different to match the needs of each customer. You might want a simple design with only one master key. But you might request a more complicated design that will enable many people access to many or all areas.

The locks are rekeyed accordingly to match the needs of a certain office building or apt building master key system. The pins of the locks are placed in a configuration that can operate with grand, great grand and regular master keys but will also work with the change keys. Our company sends out the best locksmiths in town to build such systems.

Want help with the existing master key lock system? Contact us

Remember that the existing design of your master key lock system can also be expanded. If the requirements have changed in your building, alterations can be made. In case there is trouble with one of the door locks or you want to replace a damaged key, we can help once again. With expertise in such systems and lock rekeying, the pros we send out can help you with any Newmarket master key lock system service.

Do you need advice, quotes, or service? Need help planning and building the best system for your building? Just place a call to our company and a local locksmith will help you right away.

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